Genie Corp Logo

Nowhere on Earth is the unique promise of genetic engineering more exemplified than within the picture perfect parklands and flourishing farms of designer flora which surround the exquisite world headquarters of GenieCorp™.

And similarly, nowhere else is the productive efficiency of entrepreneurial excellence and world governance more manifest than with GenieCorp™. By means of strategic alliances and corporate acquisitions GenieCorp™, the one and only world corporation, has eliminated the inefficient imbalances of the competitive marketplace. By subsuming governmental functions, GenieCorp™ has ended anti-productive bureaucratic interference and regulation.

Under the sublime leadership of Chief Executive Officer and Queen of the World Maedla, GenieCorp is the world’s genetic research and engineering institute, global corporate administrative hub and universal governmental center. All functions combined, GenieCorp™ achieves the ability to provide the perfect syn-sym™ of human happiness.

Welcome to your world!

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