Aurelio O’Brien was born in the middle of the 20th Century in San Diego; the second most perfect spot in the most perfect state of the United States, California. He was raised in the most perfect spot in California, Sunnyvale. His Irish-American family of five brothers and two sisters ranged wildly through the vast apricot and cherry orchards that are now called Silicon Valley. His aerospace-engineering trained father provided the kids with the tools and skills to build solar ovens, adobe clubhouses and hot air balloons. The kids provided the imagination to create plausible stories explaining to their parents and/or the police why they weren’t responsible for the eighteen-birthday-candle powered hot air balloon made from a dry-cleaning bag that just happened to set a neighbor’s roof on fire; that, in fact, they were heroes for extinguishing the potential inferno with a garden hose.

In any case, out of this Gaelic stew came Aurelio, born to family of storytellers, inventors, entrepreneurs and teachers.

Aurelio, however, chose a different path. He drew, he painted, he designed. By the time he was ready to leave the creative hothouse of home, he was accepted to The California Institute of the Arts, established by Walt Disney as school for all the arts: dance, painting, music, drama and film. Even in a school full of creative folk, Aurelio stood out. Before he could finish his curriculum, he was hired by a Hollywood film studio to work in the movies. Twenty years of production design, story development, script writing and other more glamorous entertainment work on award winning films followed.

Having spent a full career and two decades telling other people’s stories, Aurelio decided to tell one of his own. “Eve” is his first novel. Another is in the works, as are a series of children’s books and whatever else his fertile mind decides to dispense.

Mr. O’Brien, although raised in the most perfect spot on the planet, is always willing to try something new. After sojourns in Taipei, Taiwan and New York, New York, he currently resides in the foothills of Southern California, waiting patiently with his cat and his companion for “the big one,” planning not only to survive, but to gain ocean front property.

* * *

EVE is the first in what Mr. O’Brien plans will become a series of “what if” books. What will people act like if they crack the genetic code and can formulate life in whatever shape they choose? What will people do when aliens suddenly show up at the local Starbucks asking for a decaf frappachino? What if chickens had lips?

Of course, Mr. O’Brien’s people are the same ones who use supercomputers to make cartoons, Hummers as commuter cars and think actors should lead governments; who are simultaneously clever and idiotic, charming and vulgar, childlike and childish.

Mr. O’Brien has great affection for his characters, and hopes readers will find Govil, Eve and Pentser interesting folk to be around, perhaps even companionable enough to want to invite them home for something to drink, a nice meal and some friendly conversation.

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